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The question I would like to discuss with you today is “What is the polite way of telling someone to shut up?” Have you ever been in a conversation where you are not sure whether you are even needed in? Or have you ever been in a group conversation and a certain someone just can’t seem to keep their mouth shut? Talkative people can penetrate themselves well into a social conversation, but it is actually a double-edged sword. Whether we realize it or not, the more we become close to someone the less is our tolerance for the person’s bickering. And that is natural – when we already know someone well, normally we no longer need the small talks and light topics, that we are now expecting higher quality of conversation that is in a state of balanced give and take. A social relationship is doomed when it leans heavier towards either giving or taking, because no matter we like it or not, humans are fundamentally transactional.

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