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The question I would like to discuss with you today is “Should I try to find a new job?” Wow, this is a tricky one. And one of the most influential. Work is an integral part of our life. On average, we spend one third of our time working. For entrepreneurs, work is practically their life, since there are no time boundaries unlike the usual corporate workers. However, despite its lesser commitment, the complaints about work actually comes more from corporate workers. Why is that? A survey conducted by LinkedIn business might be able to shed some answers. The survey was conducted towards 10,000 people who just changed jobs, and the answer is a bit surprising. Based on the survey, the biggest reason for a job change is not money or boss, despite the popular belief. Instead, the top reason for seeking a job change is career advancement. For professional and corporate workers, career advancement plays one of the most important factors. They need to know that they will be best assured for the long term. For entrepreneurs, their business is their life. Being 100% onboarded already comes naturally, even before they started taking the first step to build their business. That is not the case for corporate workers. 

So don’t worry, if you are a corporate worker then you are bound to feel insecure about your job once in a while. From what I saw in reality, we can categorize professional workers into three categories based on their take towards a job change. The first one are the ones who by default is not considering a job change. The reason might be because they are loyal, or they think that in order to have a good career path ahead, they need to show that they can stay in one company for a long time. The second one is the always searching type. Usually this can either be because they seek fast promotions, or simply because they always need a change. While the third type is a mix of both. Now the reason I tell you about these types is not to tell you how one type is better than the other. But rather, to make you aware of what type you belong to. In order to determine whether you should start looking for a new job, being aware of your initial stance towards a job change itself is all the more important. 

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