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The question I would like to discuss with you today is “Is it okay if I’m not interested in dating?” A question that haunts the single population of the world. In general, there are two types of single people. The first type consists of people who are single because they haven’t found a good match yet, while the second type consists of people who are single because they are not looking. Now, if you have ever wondered why you don’t have any interest in dating as much as everybody else, then you probably belong to the second group. And while initially it doesn’t seem like a problem for you, doubts start to rise as you get older and your friends are slowly moving to a new phase of life, where they are finally ready for commitment in a long term relationship. One by one, your friends are getting married. All of a sudden, people start asking you annoying questions like “Why are you still single?” or “By when do you plan to be married?” or even something like “Hey, I know someone who might be good for you. You want me to set you up?” And just like that, those family events, work parties and social gatherings suddenly don’t feel as interesting anymore.

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