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The question I would like to discuss with you today is “How to get rid of headaches?” Okay, I will be completely honest with you before we start. I, too, am still struggling with this. I am not that lucky as a person, that I was born with a tendency towards developing headaches from time to time. If you are anything like me, this condition has surely caused you a lot of troubles, repeatedly. And as someone who is particularly weak in the head, we try our best to cope with the situation and work into diminishing the pain and inconvenience. But unfortunately, sometimes there is no one size fits all when it comes to solving headaches. The condition itself is so complex and uncertain, and not to mention the different styles and magnitudes that comes with it. So as a fellow fighter in this area, I want to dedicate this episode in sharing with you what has worked for me so far, as to give you an image of how a combat plan can look like. And start building one on your own.

Based on my experience, I think the first step we need to take that can really help us to solve our headache problems, is to check the underlying reason behind it. I like to categorize headaches into two types based on the main trigger, which are pressure and habitual. This categorization is important to determine how we should face it and how to solve it. Pressure-induced headaches, are the type of headache that is triggered by non-physical related reasons. Stress, for example. For this one, the cure is more on practicing resilience and mindfulness, which means the effort needs to come from within. While habitual-induced headaches, is when the reason is physical-related. This is where a more methodical and practical approach can work, including nutrition, physical relaxation technique, or even drugs. By understanding the reason why a particular headache emerges, you can then determine the right gun that you need to bring to the battle.

Second, after you know which gun to use, you need to round up the ammunition. In this case, having the ammunition means you need to have the complete knowledge about the headache itself. And since there are a lot of them, you need to know everything about all of these types of headaches. This includes the symptoms, triggers, and what to expect when it hits. Some people might only be prone to one type of headache. For example, I have met people who only develop migraine from time to time. But for people like me, I have practically felt multiple types of headaches throughout my life. Either way, it is crucial to be completely aware about the headache itself. Know your enemy, before trying to beat them.

By doing those two steps, I have experienced a significant change in how I’m handling headaches and knowing what needs to be done. However, there is one more tip that I have found to be helping me, and that tip is keeping a headache journal. This idea crossed my mind lots of years ago, but I just thought it was silly to do such a thing. Moreover, I thought keeping a journal is simply too much work compared to the benefits gained. Because like I said, headaches can come in different forms and it is difficult to even begin keeping track of all of these. But once I started and made it a habit, it became very handy. Rather than seeing it as a way to find a cure, think of it more like your own personal guidebook. Only your body knows exactly what is happening, so the answer needs to come from you. Create a journal and use it to navigate yourself around headaches. With that, I believe you are already one step closer into winning the war.

So, are you ready to get rid of headaches? I would love to hear what you think! Shoot me an email at Or, connect with me through my website in, my Twitter in @lifeforexperts, or my Instagram in @lifeforexpert without the letter “s” at the end.

Thank you for trusting Life For Experts. Never stop learning to become an expert in life. I’m Dannis, and I will see you next time. Bye!


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