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Discover the medieval heritage of France in the town of Provins

Discover the medieval heritage of France in the town of Provins

Paris is where every tourist goes in France. Little do they know that less than two hours away from Paris they could find themselves in another town with a whole different vibe.

Geographically, Paris is a part of a bigger region called Île-de-France. Most of the areas within Île-de-France are easily reachable from Paris by public transportation, making any one of them a perfect choice for a day trip for those looking for a short escape from the City of Lights.

Among the flood of choices, Provins was definitely the one for me.

Known as the medieval town of France, Provins is indeed extremely ancient to its core. The town was originally built to accommodate an annual trading fair linking northern Europe with the Mediterranean. Most of the buildings here are still in their original form, like they were during the Middle Ages. The town has been beautifully preserved by the people and the government. The fortified center within the medieval walls has even been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001.

If exploration of rustic and unconventional destinations is something that sparks your interest, this article is for you. The following is a list of places you can’t miss while visiting Provins. Since it is rather small, basically this list includes most of the main attractions you can find throughout the town. The good news is: I walked pretty much the whole town and I managed to cover the entire place in just half a day.

Eglise Catholique Collégiale St Quiriace

Other than the obvious architectural heritage, the religious legacy of Provins is also something worth noticing, represented by collegiate churches built in the twelfth century such as Saint Quiriace. The church is a perfect example of authentic French Gothic style church. Saint Quiriace has since experienced many destructions mostly during the World War II, and has been occasionally invigorated. Once you got in the building, you will be greeted by a vast area of a typical ancient church, yet extremely chilling with all the holy ambiance within its walls. And it was really cold when I was there. Walk all around the whole area and pay attention to the small details of every spot in the church, and get your mind blown with the elegant transepts and tribunes.

Eglise in Provins
Eglise in Provins

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