The question I would like to discuss with you today is "How can I improve my writing skill?" I know, our topic in this episode deviates a little from the topics we usually talk about. But hey, despite the fact that soft skills are the more glorified one, hard skills are also just as important to help you succeed in life. So does writing skill. There are a lot of things that one needs to learn in theory when we are talking about honing our writing skill. Among those things, a few of them are essential regardless of your field of work and expertise. Now writing, just like other skills in the world, comes with a spectrum of mastery. Professional writers lie somewhere on the advanced spectrum, since it is practically the basic requirement of pursuing that profession. But what we see in this modern world, is that almost every profession will require at least a basic writing skill, though indirectly. In most cases, it might not determine your overall expertise in your job, but it can definitely help in giving plus points and cranking up your success. So, it won't hurt to learn some basic writing skill, right?