The question I would like to discuss with you today is "Do I talk too much?" Chances are, at this point, you already see some signs within you that may imply the presence of too much talking behavior. However, you wonder whether it is something valid, or just a feeling. Fact is, it can be hard to know for sure. The ideal way to really know is, of course, to hear it right from the source, which is other people's opinion. I know I talked a lot in previous times about not letting other people's opinion dictate your life. But in the case of validating an overly talkative behavior, we can't deny that this situation mostly affects the way people see you and not the way you see yourself. We are now talking about keeping harmony in our social life. And that's why, people's opinion plays an important role in being the source of truth. Unfortunately, this method might not always be feasible to every person in any situation. So, if you are lucky to have the chance and circumstances to ask directly, do it. But if this is not applicable in your case, this episode can help you in giving some examples of strong signs that you can actually see for yourself. When combined, these signs can suggest a strong case that the case of overtalking is valid for us.