The question I would like to discuss with you today is “Do people think I’m childish?" Imagine having someone called you childish right in your face. That must not feel good, right? Some people find this label very annoying, since it is not just an attack to our direct personality but it might also feel degrading at the same time. When someone calls you childish, they are basically saying that you are not at the same level as them. You are lower. Not always true, but at least that is how it makes us feel. But, as we probably have heard several times now, who you are is not defined by other people. So, just because people assume that you’re childish doesn’t mean that you actually have a kid-like personality. Sometimes, it is just the small things or habits that you do. One habit doesn’t define your complete personality. Who you are, is self-defined. When people call you childish, rather than being mad and defensive about it, take it as an opportunity to validate your self-definition by asking an introspective question towards yourself. The question is, if I disagree with what they say, then what are the things I did that can make people mistakenly see me as childish?