A view of Taroko Gorge
Who would have thought that one can find Grand Canyon in the little semi-county of Taiwan? Dubbed as the Taiwanese Grand Canyon, Taroko Gorge National Park is one of Taiwan's most beautiful sightings.
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Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka -- the path that everyone follows when having a trip to Japan. Those cities are basically proof of how beautiful Japan is as a country of travel destination, feeding you with a glimpse of how perfectly-blended Japan is in terms of modernity and cultural richness. But what if I tell you that there's a lot more to the country than just the trinity? In the corners of Japan, you can find cities with breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean. Within the center region of Japan, you can find Winter Wonderland and tall, high shrines you can't possibly find elsewhere. And even a lot more. I'm here to share with you the places you need to visit in order to have a well-rounded trip to the Land of Rising Sun.