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We provide a platform to share life tips and experiences

Life is a complex thing, and a lot of questions emerged around it. Life For Experts is the place for people to share with each other and help each other to become a better version of ourselves, and eventually become an expert in life.

The four aspects of life

… and it’s complexity.


Relationship between humans and the beauty of interactions. 


Keeping up with a prime fitness and health condition.


Relationship with our own selves, soul and mind.


Sense of security through management of material possession.


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The question I would like to discuss with you today is “What is the right way to read food packaging?”. This one might not be one of the most popular questions out there, but it sure is a good thing to know to help us be more mindful of what we eat and ensure a great diet. My whole life, I have been very passionate about food. Well, not in the “I can eat anything” kind of way, although, sometimes it is. But, more in the “I want to understand how food is made and the impact towards human nutrition” kind of way. However, most people haven't realized that food literacy and safety measures are not just for the passionate ones like me. It is for everyone.
The question I would like to discuss with you today is “Am I too independent?”. Yes, we’ve all been there. We all have probably questioned our dependency towards other people. Am I too independent, or am I too dependent? We are social creatures. We rely on interaction with other people, in fact, our lives actually depend on it. But just like any other manners, there are two possible extremities that come with it: whether it's too much, or it's too little. Along with advancement of technology and resources available to everyone, the society is now inclining towards a higher appreciation towards people who have the capability to independently achieve their goals. To us, it shows strength.
The question I would like to discuss with you today is “How can I be more optimistic?”. One of the ultimate questions out there. As we are all aware, everything in this world has its pros and cons. It is not a perfect world after all. We call someone an optimist, if their default way of thinking makes them see every situation or event for the pros before the cons. While for pessimists, it is simply the opposite. There is this long held belief in the society that puts optimists as better than pessimists, primarily because they are strongly associated with contentment and gratefulness considering they tend to focus more on the good side of things. However, before asking yourself how to be more optimistic, I want you to firstly make sure that you are not actually buying this belief, and trying to change yourself to be more optimistic just because of this.

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